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An intriguing historical city

One of Malaysia’s most eagerly sought-after destinations, the small city-state of Malacca attracts visitors to its namesake picturesque Portuguese colonial port. Proud of its multicultural heritage, architecture, plentiful museums and assorted cultural attractions, Malacca is a tourist habitat par excellence.

Malacca was founded in the 14th century but came to prominence as one of Asia’s greatest trading ports after the Portuguese conquered it in 1511. It remained under European influence for some 400 years with the Dutch rising to power in 1641 and the British in 1824, while also an important immigration hub for the Chinese and Indians. While today Malacca is a modern city, the architectural legacy of the Portuguese, Dutch and British is plain to see, with forts, museums, churches and towers dotted throughout the historic quarter, many painstakingly restored.

Why visit Malacca?

  • Rich in history and heritage
  • Fascinating architecture
  • Vibrant night market
  • Superb cuisine
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Majestic Malacca - Exterior

The Majestic Malacca

The Prestige Collection - for those who demand the ultimate in luxurious accommodation

This classic hotel is an integral part of Malacca's history.

Swiss-Garden Malacca - Deluxe Room

Swiss-Garden Malacca


Ideally located overlooking the UNESCO World Herirage Zone.

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The facts:

Getting there: There are no direct flights from the UK to Malacca. From Kuala Lumpur, Malacca is a two hour drive away.

Best time to travel: Malacca’s tropical climate means hot and humid weather year round. Whilst the heaviest rain occurs between October and March, rain can fall at almost any time of the year, but is usually confined to an hour or so.

Malacca climate:

Malacca Climate Chart