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Myanmar’s cultural and religious centre

Founded in 1857 by King Mindon Mandalay is a surprisingly young city that was the last royal capital. While today it is a major commercial hub, Mandalay is also regarded as Myanmar’s religious and cultural capital due to its high concentration of monks, hundreds of monasteries, multitude of splendid pagodas, notable mosques, Indian temples and striking churches, along with legions of craftsmen.

Why visit Mandalay?

  • Plethora of temples and monasteries
  • Spectacular sunset views
  • Historic attractions
  • Artisan workshops
  • Nearby ancient cities
  • U Bein Bridge

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The facts:

Getting there: There are no non-stop flights from the UK, however Mandalay is an hour’s flight from Yangon or just under 2 hours flight from Bangkok or Singapore.

Best time to travel: The hot season runs from February until June when temperatures can nudge 40ºC while monsoon is from June to October when heavy rainfall can be expected. November to February see average temperatures of around 30ºC and is generally considered the best time to visit.

Mandalay climate:

Mandalay Climate Chart