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Rajasthan, Varanasi & the North
Map of Rajasthan, Varanasi & the North

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Resplendent cities, intricate temples and the sacred Ganges

A world of colour, splendour and spectacle awaits visitors to Rajasthan, India’s largest and most romantic state, while Varanasi, one of the world’s oldest cities residing beside the banks of the revered River Ganges, is rightly regarded as the religious heart of India.

Why visit Rajasthan, Varanasi & the North?

  • Atmospheric cities
  • Historic landmarks
  • Beautiful vistas
  • Captivating culture
  • Tranquil lakes and palaces
  • Stunning palace hotels
  • Sacred River Ganges

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The facts:

Getting there: Jaipur is around 5.5 hours drive from Delhi. From Jaipur it takes an hour by road to reach Samode. Udaipur is about an hour by air from Delhi, while flights to Jodhpur or Varanasi take around 90 minutes from Delhi.

Best time to travel: Temperatures in Rajasthan vary depending on the season and the region, but by and large you can visit the state any time of year. Summers last from April to June and are searingly hot during the day. During monsoon, the temperatures tend to drop and the rain showers transform the arid landscape. The temperatures continue to drop once monsoon has passed and winter then sets in from October through to March, which is considered the best time to visit, although night time temperatures can be quite low. The winter months between October and March are also considered the best time to visit other areas of northern India.

Udaipur climate:

Udaipur Climate Chart