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The Maldives are one of the least spoilt areas in the world today and are home to some of the best kept secrets of the Indian Ocean. Deep down in the depths of its vast blue ocean lie the psychedelic reef formations surrounding the islands - alive with a multitude of marine life! Its small islands are lush with tropical vegetation which give shade from the sun. The beaches are powder white and their sandy softness invites along with the blue lagoons that stretch for seemingly endless crystal-clear miles. Of the 2,000 islands, which make up the Maldives, only 200 are inhabited including those selected few which have been made into holiday resorts. Each island comprises one hotel and its own facilities and nothing more.

Note to all passengers travelling to The Maldives

We strongly advise against taking Alcohol, Pork and Pork products to The Maldives, as these will be confiscated on arrival at the airport and will not be returned.

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